Chinese Christian Church of New England

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1835 Beacon St.

Brookline, MA 02445-4206

Tel / Fax: 617-232-8652

By T:  Englewood T-stop on the green C-line, 
          or Reservoir T-stop on the green D-line 

By Car: Use directions provided on the bottom, 
or click on map to go to Mapquest site:


From N/S:

¨       Take Rt. 93

¨       Exit Storrow Dr.
 Exit Kenmore/Fenway

¨       As you exit, the ramp immediately splits.
Take the right exit to Kenmore Sq. (not Fenway)

¨       At the second set of lights, turn right onto Commonwealth Ave.

¨       At the major 3-way intersection, take the middle street onto Beacon St.
Pizzeria Uno’s will be on your left and a bank on your right.
Drive for 3.0 miles.

¨       You will pass Harvard St./Coolidge Corner, Washing Sq., a Star Market on your left and an All Saints Parish on your left. When you pass the Episcopal church you will be one block from our church, a large stone edifice with a sign in Chinese & English.

¨       Park anywhere on Beacon St.

¨       Or you can go a block pass our church to Strathmore Rd., take a left and loop around to our side entrance and park on Clinton Path.

From W:

¨       Take 128 onto Rt. 9E
Go 4-5 miles.

¨       You will pass Chestnut Hill Mall and a Star Market on your left.
Then watch out for signs for Chestnut Hill Ave.
Take a left onto Chestnut Hill Ave.
(If you pass a reservoir on your right, you’ve gone too far.)

¨       You will drive through a residential area.
There will be a major T stop on your right.
Take an immediate right after the T stop onto Beacon St.

¨       You will pass Dunkin Donuts and a gas station.
At Strathmore Rd., take a right.

¨       This road will loop around to our side entrance and you can park anywhere on Clinton Path or if the street is filled, go up to Beacon St.

¨       Our church is at the intersection of Beacon St. & Clinton Path.


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